Welcome to Escuadra Shower Pans!

Escuadra Shower Pans provides service to the General Los Angeles Area. We work with General Contractors, and Home Owners. We assist with the installation of hot mop, shower pans, and shower waterproofing. Our custom-made shower pans guarantee a lifetime of leakage-free shower drainage, preventing you from ongoing repairs and damage to your house.

Our Services:

Hot Mop
Shower Pans
Shower Waterproofing
Tile Installation
City inspection within 24 hours of installation

Why Use a Hot Mop?

Offers much greater protection than store-bought vinyl shower liners
Three layers of tar over sheets of roofing felt paper provides multi-layer protection
Our custom hot mop shower pans conform to any unique shape
Dependable and durable protection from expensive leaky drainage
Fast and efficient installation process
Fill your pan with water for inspection soon after installation